A look of economic, symbolic aspects and emotions as part of a set of practices that determine consumer experiences luxury goods

Mauricio Edgardo Muñoz Osores, Felipe Reyes Rittig, Juan Luis Orrego Morales


The present work aims to, identify and understand the manifest attitudes by a group of consumers of different segments, in relation to the decision-making process of purchase of brands of luxury in two regions of the country. From discussion groups and a subsequent qualitative analysis sessions, is expected to obtain a particular conceptualization about the meaning of luxury brand, different States of well-being or satisfaction generated by these, as well as the identification of certain brands that may be classified as “traditional luxury” and “new luxury”. This last point is of great importance to establish and recognize substantial di erences in the consumer market of luxury brands, given that by what is established in the present investigation, the pro le or nature of buyers differs, in terms of capacity, frequency and reasons for purchase.


brands; luxury; aspiration; lifestyles; consumers

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